Internet Finally Returns

The morning did not bring internet into my house like that first ray of sunshine that manages to find a way through your curtain, so I again had to phone them and be put through to someone with the a very strong Asian accent, but at least she didn’t speak fast so I could understand her.

She made me go through all the pointless tests again, but this time when she did a line test it came back that there was a fault on the line (despite the guy yesterday telling me there was no fault on my line) so I would have to wait for their faults department to give me a ring.

They never did get in touch again, but the internet came back on in the evening, I am not going to depress myself by counting up how much money this will cost me, but I’d say at least £100, i will not hold my breath on BT offering me a discount on the forthcoming bill.

I received a phone call from Poplar United asking if I was interested in joining their team, I agreed to attend their training on Friday and even if they don’t want me to play for them I can still keep attending their training which means I still get to play football, and with Custom House starting their training again on Mondays hopefully I’ll get to play some football again.

Photo by Pablo Rosciani from FreeImages

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