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When it comes to exotic cuisine, no one does it better than Hawaii. Serving up a combination of American, Asian and Portuguese delicacies, millions of tourists flock to the Hawaiian Islands each year to enjoy world-class dining. If you own or operate a restaurant in Hawaii, an insurance expert like James McAluney can help make sure you are properly insured.

Risk Management

Running a restaurant comes with a unique set of risks. There are several types of insurance that can help manage the amount of liability your business has. Here are just a few scenarios that could be managed with restaurant insurance:

Mobile-catering service. In the last decade, mobile catering has surged in popularity. This is a fun, cost-effective way to simultaneously increase sales and brand awareness. If a mobile-catering vehicle were to be involved in a collision or cause an injury to someone else, your business would be vulnerable to lawsuits and penalties. Business automobile insurance can reduce these risks.

Liquor sales. Serving alcoholic beverages is a great way to increase sales and attract mature clientele. If a customer over-indulges and becomes injured or injures someone else, your business may be help responsible. Liquor insurance minimises the amount of risk to your restaurant.

Grills and stoves. With the recent shift toward healthy eating, many restaurants are making an effort to offer more grilled items. When not properly handled, grills can pose a serious fire hazard. Should your restaurant be damaged in a fire, property insurance would help cover the damages and replace lost items.

James McAluney has been in the insurance industry for nearly two decades. Experienced industry insiders like McAluney can make personalised recommendations and help design a policy that works for your business.

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