Informa Are Still Chasing Me

Days Without Alcohol: 40

I am still getting letters from Informa asking me to contact them and explain why I have not been to work since January 5th 2009. . I have sent Tahreem a couple of emails and Wayne has told her & Hani why I’m not returning, yet they still send these letters recorded delivery.

So this morning I wrote another email directed towards Jill Symes and explained in length why I left and why I’m reluctant to return. Although there is no possible chance of me coming back as they have now laid off all the market researchers, it might stop them sending me these letters.

Yesterday someone came up to see my dad about getting a scooter. He does not need it but it is free so he is demanding one. It was a nice dinky one and as soon as the man left my dad started moaning and slagging him off because you have to charge the battery yourself!

He has just been given a £2,000 scooter for free and he is still moaning!

There is a car that has been parked downstairs on the estate and for the past three nights the alarm has been going off over and over again from about 10pm til about 8am when the guy comes out to go to work.

I’m guessing someone could not take the noise anymore because last night someone took a lump of wood to his car and smashed the windows in and ripped out a load of wires to stop the alarm from working.

Apparently people had knocked on the door of the guy and asked him to turn the alarm off and he refused. The police refused to come out and make him turn it off, yet they could not get onto the estate quick enough when he reported his car had been smashed up.

I’ve just received a reply from Jill Symes but for some reason I don’t want to open it. How ridiculous that a 30 year old man has suddenly turned into a 15 year old boy frightened of opening an email in case it says something he does not want to read!

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