Indian Bloggers Spoil It Once Again

This post is going to sound like a racist rambling rant but I assure you that it is not meant in that way. It is merely fact but if you are offended by the content of this post then please don’t bother reading and just move on.

A couple of months ago I joined a selection of networks that were started up to help advertisers find a way to promote their products and bloggers a way to earn money on the internet by writing reviews about these products.

Advertisers paid bloggers to write these reviews on their blog and the network would take a tiny cut as the middleman. Everybody was happy with the arrangement and bloggers were earning a nice little bit of extra cash, OK the higher PR blogs got the most but there was enough work for the lower PR blogs to get some money as well.

But then Indian bloggers decided to try and cheat the system.

Now most of the networks are slowly dying and the few remaining only want to deal with high PR sites to try and stop these Indian bloggers from cheating and abusing the system.

You may think that I have just made a racist statement but I have not for you see this is the truth, therefore it can not be called racist. And it is not the first time Indian people have tried to abuse and cheat to earn lots and lots of money and foul it up for everybody else.

I remember the first time that I got into a money making opportunity. It was while running Tapp Out Radio about 4 years ago, I joined a network which was run like an auction where advertisers would put up radio adverts and stations would put in the lowest amount they will charge to run the adverts on their station the lowest price at the end got the contract.

At the time there were quite a few people in the network and we were all making money because we all had a low limit that we would not encroach (that limit would be say $200 to air an advert a set amount of times a day for one week) and all was well with the world.

Then Indian people came into the network (I have no idea how they found out as it was not promoted very heavily) and started putting in crazy bids and severely undercutting the people already in the network in a desperate bid to make as much money as they possibly could.

I’m talking about putting in bids of $0.10 to air an advert about ten times a day for a month! Every single advert auction was the same, the closing amount would be about $0.10.

The advertisers loved it at first but then they realised that these people did not even have one person listening to their stations and had just set up a free stream on their computer running one song over and over again. Eventually the advertisers stopped using the network thus the network went out of business pretty quickly leaving us all with no advert money for our stations.

Google have had big problems with Indian people trying to cheat, just search on Digital Point and you will see lots of posts from Indian people boasting about how they can cheat the system and earn thousands of dollars a day!

Many advertising networks have now banned anyone from India from using their service due to the increase in Indian people trying to cheat.

It is very sad that these people feel the need to not be happy making a little bit of money and while trying to con the system they muck it up for everyone and we all end up with nothing but a bitter taste in our mouths.

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