Incompetent Bosses

My boss wanted me to take the scissor lift and clean the side of a building, it meant driving the lift onto soil that was not only soft but uneven. I explained that I didn’t think it was possible or a good idea.

He disagreed and drove it there himself and promptly got the lift stuck in the soil.

They bought a tug out to pull it out, the driver couldn’t get close enough, so the boss told him to go a little bit on the soil, which he did and promptly got stuck in the soil. Eight of us had to work together to get the tug back onto the path, I drove it (because I was the lightest) and the other seven pushed it.

A guy then offered to pull the lift out with his van. No sooner had he started pulling it than we heard a loud bang and the van stopped working.

The site management thought it was funny until they discovered how much these things cost to hire a special crane to come and lift the lift out of soil and back onto the path.

This guy is supposed to be trained to use this machine as well!

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