Over the years I have seen days drags, when I was a kid this happened at Christmas as it seemed to take forever to get to the big day when we could rips the wrapping off the presents on Christmas Day, but I swear nothing was as slow as waiting for Wednesday night to roll around.

Millwall made the trip up to Blackburn for the FA Cup replay and although I could not be there in person with the 574 Millwall fans I was going to be there in spirit – and watch it on ESPN for free from the comfort of my own warm front room.

This time my dad was awake so he watched it with me and I noticed something in his eyes as he silently watched me set up the laptop and the TV, it was a look I have not seen very often from him, it was a look of impressiveness. Is that even a word? I don’t know but that is what his look said.

I don’t like watching football with my dad because he soon starts banging on about how football isn’t the same as it was in his day and moaning about the lack of shooting chances. The only thing worse is watching football with your girlfriend who hates football.

I hope the neighbour’s baby wasn’t asleep because I would have definitely woke him/her up when I celebrated us knocking Blackburn out 1-0. Bring on Wigan in the next round!

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