Important things to know about web traffic

[wpv-post-body][wpv-post-title][wpv-post-shortcode]Website traffic is determined by the number of visitors in the web and the number of sites they visits in a day. Sites monitor the incoming and the outgoing traffic in order to enquire that which web pages are popular among the visitors in the Internet. These monitoring can also help knowing the trend of the current session, i.e. it help one to structure different sites keeping in mind the trends. The web site traffic or visitors can be increased by Advertisement schemes that many companies do by providing screen space on their websites, in return they are paid for the screen space that they allot. Thus, web traffic is measured to see the popularity of individual pages or sections in the sites.

Steps for buying website traffic

The first and the foremost thing to be done is to visit the Forums directed towards the website owners or web developers. There you can write in the search engine, “purchase site traffic” and you will be provided with the several options to choose from.

Before you sign up there are many questions that are needed to be asked before you start working with a company that provides website traffic. The questions are as follow:

  1. How the traffic is generated
  2. Determine that does the company provides statistics for the traffic it generates
  3. How is the website traffic measured
  4. How can we control the website traffic
  5. You should find out that what makes this company different from the other site traffic seller
  6. Read reviews about the company

Some answers to your questions are as follows:

Measuring Web traffic

This data is provided by viewing the web log file. Web server log file is the list of all the pages served. This list is automatically generated. The web page itself is considered as a file and images are also regarded as file. When any file is served Hit is generated. Thus a page having 3 images can generate 4 Hits in total. Applications tracking can record their traffic by inserting a small piece of HTML- Hypertext Markup Language in every web pages of the concerned website.

By website traffic we can collect the following information:

  • The total number of visitors in the web page
  • Total number of pages viewed by a single visitor.
  • The visitors total length of the visit of the users’ page- it’s a rule that the more they spend in a particular page, the more are the visitors interested in the content of the page.
  • The time period when the web pages will be the more engaged is also recorded thus it can be known that which time of the day would be the best for promotional campaign
  • This gives a track about the pages that are most viewed that is the most requested entry pages
  • It tracks the most requested exit pages that which could help to find the bad pages or broken links
  • By this the host can track the referrers, i.e. the source of the links

Controlling Web traffic

By limiting the access of some parts of the site by password is important sometimes. It should be allowed only to the authorised people. Some administrators had even blocked their sites to the specific traffic, like that of the Re-election campaign site for the U.S. President George W Bush to all the Internet users outside U.S. the major part of the web traffic is created by Search Engines. Millions of people uses search engines in a day to search topics on their researches on various topics, buy products, and many more daily activities are done by surfing. Search engines use Keywords to give the users their relevant information, when the user clicks on the listings in the search engine they are directed to the following websites, thus counting the count of visitors in that website.


Sign up for the site traffic provider, which gives you the most satisfaction to be trustworthy and reliable. You should choose that provider, who gives you correct and satisfactory answers to all your asked questions.

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