I’m Worse Than Hitler

So I was sitting at my computer last night, trying to recover from reading the novel of messages someone sent me giving me an ear-bashing (:P), when I hear someone knocking on my bedroom window. Normally kids do that and run away so I ignored it but two seconds later it happened again.

I thought it was Reiss fucking about so I moved the curtain expecting to see Reiss grinning at me, doing his best Adrian impression. But it wasn’t him, it was some black guy who then asked me if I had a spare cigarette.

I have no idea who this guy was but I did admire the act of sheer audacity on his part to knock on a bedroom window and ask someone he did not know (at almost midnight) for a cigarette. I was going to give him one until he said “can you make it two?”

I replied with “No, now fuck off” and I angrily shut the window, grabbed my dog and took her outside for a walk. The guy had scarpered.

I’m not surprised, this is Bethnal Green.

My sisters and my mother ganged up on me today and tried to force me to get rid of my dog. My two sisters hate dogs and although my mum has had dogs most of her life she also dislikes them. Whenever my sisters come round they moan and threaten to get the dog taken away. She hasn’t done anything wrong.

Today they decided to put their foot down and said I had to get rid of the dog. Let us gloss lightly over the fact that they don’t live with me and I’m the one who looks after the dog, those two pieces of information are apparently not important.

I have no intention of getting rid of her now and apparently this makes me a selfish cunt.

Awesome. :)

I’m now going to get out my lovely heated blanket and get all warm knowing that there are lots of people in the world who are cold or slightly chilly.

What a bastard I am.

Image by Waldkunst from Pixabay

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