I’m So Lazy

I have not been posting as often as I have/should lately. This is down to the fact that by the time I get home after work I am normally too tired to even contemplate writing anything. I could write something before I go to work I guess but I normally find something else to do. I’m easily distracted.

Well since I last posted The supervisor at work gathered everyone into the equipment room and everyone thought she was going to give us a bollocking for not cleaning properly. But she beamed at us as she announced that the OFSTED report had said the cleaning & maintenance at the school was ‘outstanding’. Go us!

I went into work today (Tuesday) and was informed by the supervisor that the headmistress had written a card for all of us thanking us for the great work we did running up to the inspection. No bonus though which would have been nicer than a bit of cardboard.

Reiss and Wayne have been clashing over the kit for the football team and for some reason I’m stuck in the middle having to listen to them both moan and slag the other person off. Up until now I’ve listened with indifference but I’m starting to get fed up with it.

The Mother’s birthday is coming up in August. I don’t really want to celebrate it as it is also the day I had my dog put down, but one of my sisters has organised a treat as it is her 50th birthday.

Everyone has to put in about £100 so that we can go for a meal (about 12 of us I think), buy her and her husband theatre tickets and put them up in a posh hotel for a night.

I don’t mind chipping in but I really am in two minds as to go to this meal thing. My sisters, their boyfriends, my mum, her husband, my uncle, his girlfriend, my aunt, her boyfriend and a couple of cousins will be there. I have a bit of a thing about eating in front of people and it might be weird if I just sit there drinking while they all eat. I also don’t really fit in with them these days.

I mean what would they say when I pull out my diet pills and take one in front of them? I don’t use them as much anymore, I mainly use them these days to simply help keep my appetite down, which they do very well.

This might be my last post for a few days as I am cancelling my contract with T-Mobile which will include my phone and my two mobile broadband contracts. I am hooking up a phone line and broadband with Sky but until that becomes active I shall be without internet action at home.

Bye for now.

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