I’m Not Dead

It has been awhile since I last published a blog post. I’ve been incredibly lazy this past month or so and I lay the blame at a certain someone’s door, someone that I lovingly refer to as Bumface.

I have been making numerous trips down to Eastbourne at the weekends to see her and add to that the fact that I’ve been suffering from tonsillitis it means I have found plenty of reasons not to write on this blog.

Those trips will be stopping this weekend as she is moving back to London. Which is a good thing for two reasons: (1) I get to see her more often and (2) It will not cost me so much when I go and visit her. Travelling to and from Eastbourne is quite expensive when you can’t book tickets in advance over the internet.

I’m not sure if the influence she is having over me is a good thing or not. Many people have mentioned that I seem to be a lot more happy, a lot less angry and seem to be taking a lot more pride in the way I look.

At least I think it is a good thing, I’ve never been a very good judge.

Just look at the people I call friends.

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