I’m Not A Fan Of My Dad’s Hobby

My dad has finally lost his senses. He has allowed people to look at the gold coins that he has been buying and collecting from one of those crappy companies that you see advertising in the back of the free magazines you get with your Sunday newspaper.

I must admit that they do look nice but I’m not sure that they are worth the £60-£400 that he pays for each of them. Plus the company keeps sending him more coins and he feels obliged to buy them rather than send them back.

We’ve tried to tell him to calm down, as he seems to be buying new ones every couple of days, but he just turns around and says that it is his money and he will spend it on whatever it is he sees fit.

I don’t have a problem with him collecting coins, I just wish that he would do it with a reputable company who would not be inclined to pressure an old man into buying more. Or better still could even hold onto them for him and sell them for him when the price gets to a certain position. Because right now people are investing in gold and silver coins.

Photo by novitas from FreeImages

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