That is correct, you read the title of this blog post correctly, I am going to see The Great F’N Muta and what is even better is he is coming to York Hall in Bethnal ‘fucking’ Green!

I have bought two tickets, I am going to ask Reiss if his girlfriend will let him loose on Friday night to come with me. He is a big fan of Muta and this is Muta’s first, and probably last, appearance in the United Kingdom, but I’m not sure if Jen will let him out to play as they normally do their own couplely thing on Friday nights.

I got my cash card today and booked the tickets. I also bought a new pair of trainers online. I have been meaning to buy a new pair for months but I have size 11 feet and none of the shops in my area sell higher than size 10. The only problem with buying them online is if they do not fit it will take an age to send them back.

I bought a nice pair of converse trainers, there is a picture below so you can see how great they are:

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