I’m Falling Apart At The Seams

I think my time playing football might be coming to an end. I know I have said this more times than that naughty little boy cried wolf, but I think this time it might actually be happening.

On Sunday I had to do something that I have never done before, I had to ask to be taken off the pitch because I was in so much pain. My left hamstring, my groin and both my knees have been causing me pain for a number of years but now I’m finding it difficult to walk never mind run or play football.

After I came off an opposing player went into a very hard tackle which the ref let go, the SE Lions player was livid and got in the guy’s face, another opposing player came sprinting over and pushed our player and it wasn’t long before more players came over and we had a fight on our hands.

It was only 10 yards from me so I waded in and dragged my team mates away and told them to show a level of decorum (Oi! Behave your fucking self!). Once it was all over with the ref called one of their players over (he ran 80 yards to push our player which started the fight) and gave him a bollocking before booking him.

At full time our ‘star player’ ran up to the ref and told him what he thought of his quite adequate refereeing skills. The ref decided to book our star player and asked for his name, he gave him his first name and walked away. The ref called him back and asked him for his surname to which the star player said “my surname is fucking jog-on”.

So the ref showed him a straight red card for giving him a false name.

What followed was insane.

Pretty much every SE Lions players surrounded the ref and started screaming and swearing at him for having the audacity to send him off. The ref started to get scared and grabbed his bag and legged it across the fields with half a dozen of our team in hot pursuit.

So it looks like they are going to be thrown out of the league for that.

I have only managed 30 minutes for the Saturday team so far because I have been unable to get to a training session because my injuries keep flaring up, it’s a shame because they are due to play Cambridge Heath FC (half their team is ex-Bethnal Green Celtic Players) and I was looking forward to playing them.

Maybe I should listen to people and call it a day before I do anymore harm. Maybe if I stopped the football and the training then I might be able to do more work and maybe get a Datawarehouse Designer Jobs.

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