I’m Bargain Hunting This Christmas

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a bit of a bargain hunter, my mantra is “why pay full price for something when you can find it cheaper online?” I feel that is a good thing to live by and it has not failed me yet.

Nothing brightens my day more than bagging myself some Super cheap bargains.

Bidhere is where I do my bargain hunting these days. It is slightly different from Ebay, and other popular online stores, because it is not very well known, which means there are more bargains for me. :)

It is unique because you have to buy bids at $0.60 per bid! This will stop those annoying people who outbid you for the item and then refuse to pay for it, so you lose out.

They specialise in electronic products from TVs right down to keyboards and microphones for a computer.

Photo by Jason Morrison from FreeImages

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