I’m Back In The Line-Up!

I’m back in Acton Town’s starting line-up again. That is what I like about playing in defence, everyone is so busy fighting to play in midfield or up front, there is no glory in playing where I play – yet it is one of the most important positions. 🙂

Acton Town recorded their first home win of the season against Freezywater on Saturday. I do not believe that it matters that they only had eight men on the pitch, we still went on to beat them 7-1.

Learnmore allowed me to go up for some corners in the second half and I almost got on the end of a beauty of a cross from Damien but the bastard thing would not drop and it was about a foot above my head as it went out for a goal kick.

I went out with Reiss, Jen and Lizzie on Friday. They took me to see a band called The Pirates, basically you all dress up as pirates and come along and sing pirate-style songs. It was a very enjoyable evening until on the way home.

Reiss and Jen had a row, Reiss then had a row with Lizzie, then Reiss and Jen had another row, the only time I forget to bring my MP3 player with me and three rows happen in one night!

Photo by Bob Smith from FreeImages

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