I’m Baaaack!

Well I’m back from my little holiday and nothing seems to have changed. My dad started moaning at me as soon as I had put my key in the door and started demanding that I undertake a dozen jobs at the same time just as normal.

He seems to have forgotten that I will not be getting paid to look after him and be moaned at and slagged off anymore. I wonder if his new home help will put up with his ways? But then again he does not talk to anyone else the way he talks to me.

Gold help us all if they give him a black home help or a home help who is not white.

I know day two and day three of my holiday have not been posted yet but they will be in a day or so, I only finished writing up Day One on Monday and day two is almost finished.

I just found out that two bands I’m very into will be gigging in the UK this year. Clutch will be putting on a show in Brighton on August 28th and Thunder will be doing a show in London at the end of November.

I was looking at an excuse to go back to Sussex and thanks to Clutch I think I just found it! I will make a weekend of it again. Reiss has expressed an interest in coming along but he also said he wanted to come along to the last weekend so I shall not make the mistake of booking him a room.

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