I’m A Sex Symbol!

Days Without Alcohol: 41

I picked up my nephews from school yesterday and as we were making our way to my sister’s houses two schoolgirls walked past us and they wolf-whistled at me. There must be something about sporting an unkept beard that drives schoolgirls wild.

Maybe it is because boys their age can not grow beards yet?

When I got home I saw my dad had those Votive candle holders dotted around the room, you know the ones you see all over the place in pubs and restaurants these days.

I took them down because we are not women! Honestly what ever next, will he be putting bowls out with those stupid pebbles in them like my sister Charlene has? Knowing him he only had the candles out to save money on the electric!

I guess they can be quite nice in a pub or a restaurant but not in a flat in Bethnal Green. But then again I’m a bloke so what do I know.

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

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