If I Could I’d Love To See Torremolinos

Getting away from it all and going on holiday is something that almost everybody really does look forward to. I know I am looking forward to getting away from it all and relaxing when I go on my little holiday to East Sussex in the beginning of July.

Maybe when I gain fulltime employment I might look at going abroad for my holidays and one place I’d love to go and visit would be the charming city of Torremolino in Spain Although it is a big gay holiday destination now there are still some fantastic sites to behold.

For those of you who may not have heard of Torremolino, it is a tourist-oriented city (that basically means the city runs on tourism) that lies just to the west of Málaga and has a huge gay population (which means no loutish British tourists will go there, RESULT!).

As you can tell I’m not on for laddish holidays anymore, I’d much rather to go a nice sunny place like Torremolinos hotels.

One company that can offer you a deal on packages to Torremolino are a company called Destinia. They will be able to offer you a great deal on a complete package that includes flights and hotels.

Simply visit their site and type in the dates you wish to depart and return, coupled with how many people are going, and they will produce a list of deals that I’m sure you will find appealing.

When people holiday in Spain they think of the big places like Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla, Valencia, Zaragoza or those little islands that young lads and ladettes love so much. But if you want a peaceful holiday then Torremolinos hotels might be just for you.

Image by Demi from Pixabay

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