Idiots At The Train Station

Why do so many people go to a train station without having a clear idea of where the FUCK they are going? I went to Victoria train station today and needed to top up my Oyster Card and as the machines were only accepting change I had to join the MASSIVE queue for the ticket offices.

There were nearly a hundred people in front of me and NONE of them seemed to know where they were going or what kind of ticket they wanted. I was already annoyed that only ONE of the FIVE windows was open at this busy time and with each person that I saw approach the window I just became more irritated.

I lost count how many people queued just to ask how to get to a certain station, what is wrong with looking at the maps on the boards? Or the little travel maps that are available for free? Or even the app on your fucking phone?

Thankfully some of the people got fed up of waiting and wandered off to ask someone else and after over an hour I finally got to the front and was served. The man behind the counter actually smiled as I said “I’ll make this short and sweet, £5 on my Oyster Card please mate”.

Seriously, why is it so hard to do a bit of research BEFORE you get to the train station? I will check online if I’m travelling the next day and if I’m doing it at the last minute then I will check an app on my phone. If you can’t do that then you have no business travelling in public and should stay the fuck at home.

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