I Won An Award!

I had planned on attending Custom House FC’s end of season presentation evening tonight and since I had my girlfriend staying with me I decided not to leave her at home alone and brought her with me. Another perfect example of what a great boyfriend I am.

The event was so the management could hand out the trophies to players and afterwards there was initially going to be two comedians performing a set each and then they would bust out the karaoke for those who were drunk enough to have a bash. All for just a mere £5 entry fee.

There was a problem with the management agency that was used to book the comedians and they informed us a couple of days before that there was a problem and they would not be able to fulfil the event. So the event was changed to a free event and after the awards were handed out there would be music and then the boxing would be shown on a huge screen.

There were not many takers but on the night we had around 30 people turn up, which I thought was good. There were a few players who didn’t turn up but it could have been a lot worse.

I wasn’t expecting a trophy, I was going along simply for a night out and to help support the team, after all I had never actually played a single minute of a competitive match, so I was shocked when I was handed a trophy. Everyone got one, it was for being a member of the team, but I don’t care – I won an award!

See how good I am? Some players play at the top of the game for many years without even so much as a nod of recognition, I never even stepped onto the pitch and my skills were acknowledged in trophy form. :)

It actually sparked something in me to maybe give it another bash next season, I have a bit of weight to lose but I reckon with a bit of persistence I could drop it by the time preseason starts on August 4th. I think it would help me as I prepare to take my level 1 coaching badge.

Next season I’m aiming for the top goal scorer award! :)

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