I Wish I Could Block People In Life Like On MSN

if you rant at me and then block me on MSN and Twitter does this mean that you have had the last word? Does it make you as childish and immature as I am meant to be? I’m not sure why they did this, they were the one instigating the messages in the first place, not me.

Despite what this person has said I am still waiting for the moment when they decide to tell other people about certain things I have told them. This person told me something the first time I met them about someone I know, so they obviously enjoy blabbing about personal stuff just like everyone else I know.

Oh well I guess we both get what we wanted in the end. I get left alone and this person gets a convenient peg to hang their problems and depression on. I keep my MSN conversations sweetheart, I’m not a total idiot. :)

As I was about to start work today the boss came in and said to three of us that he wanted a word tomorrow, he told the two guys I work with that he would see them together but would like to see me on my own. Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

The supervisor told me that she was really pleased with the work I was doing and had told the boss and the employment agency just how pleased they were with me. So why do they want a private meeting?

He is the boss of a company that offers industrial supplies and cleaners to schools all over London. I must have done something pretty bad for him to demand to see me in private tomorrow.

After work I went to a local pub called The College Arms to watch the Millwall/Leeds game. I was unaware there was large catch of Leeds United fans in the area, there was about 30 of them in and only three Millwall fans.

It was a nice atmosphere until the final whistle when Millwall knocked Leeds United out of the promotion competition. One of the guys I was sitting near got really angry and offered to fight me outside the pub. Before I had the opportunity to react his mate had dragged him away telling him to shut up and behave himself.

I almost certainly would have given him a slap if his mate had not had the sense to drag him out of the pub and take him home sharpish.

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