I Think I’ve Found A B&B!

Today I made it my mission to get a hotel or a B&B so that I could get away for the weekend at the end of the month, even though I was looking forward to it I must admit that I was starting to have some doubts about whether I should just forget it and go on September 14th when Seaford Live! is on.

I contacted five more hotels and B&Bs and received rejections due to being fully booked that weekend and I was just about to admit defeat and start looking at September 14th when an email from Newhaven Lodge came into my email account.

I slowly opened the email and read with hope and low and behold they did indeed have a vacancy for that weekend!

After a couple of emails from both sides (well it was mainly me bombarding Jan with questions and her helpfully answering them) I agreed to make a deposit payment tomorrow morning thus booking my room for the weekend.

This means that there is no backing out now, I am forcing myself to go to a beautiful part of the country, drink some of the finest beers ever brewed in this country, eat some great food and see some fantastic sites.

What a drag!

Image by ming dai from Pixabay

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