I Smell Like A Newly Laid Road!

About every six months or so I make a decision that I hope will help change my life. I decide to be more outgoing, friendlier towards people, watch what I eat and start treating my psoriasis again.

Obviously I always watch what I eat, only this evening I watched as I ate a nice big fatty burger and chips. The one that comes along quite regularly is the treating my psoriasis. My doctor is even getting in on the act by jokingly saying “See you in six months time” every time I go for a new prescription.

The cream I have is called Dovobet and it is the only cream that has worked over the years, although it burns like fuck and it stinks to high heaven. I’ve also got a new lotion to use called Exorex which also stinks so I now smell like a newly laid road (both are tar-based products)!

As I write this I am sitting here coated in cream and wearing a pair of blue striped pyjamas, I looked at myself in the mirror as I walked out of my room and noticed these pyjamas make me look really slim. I might start wearing them outside!

Obviously I am quite self-conscious about myself anyway but now with the addition of smelling of tar I have become even more so than ever. Every five minutes I am slyly sniffing myself to see if I got the tar smell out of my body. I really should not be doing that in the office in front of people!

I fell asleep on Saturday and when I woke up I had about 30 missed calls from Reiss who must have really wanted me to come out with him. He was going to Amanda’s party but I was in no mood to be in public when there was a danger of people trying to drive over me!

It later turned out that I was right to avoid going as apparently all hell broke loose when Reiss got off with a girl in front of his ex-girlfriend and I believe (and so do a few other of his friends) that he did it knowing she would see, in a stupid bid to gain some kind of petty revenge.

I find it particularly poor form that he would do that, especially after the emotions he went through when Jenna dumped him and got together with her current husband. Why would you put someone through that when you went through almost the same thing only a year or so earlier?

Speaking of experiences (see how I link it all together? I’m up all night sometimes!) Richard Herring is doing his yearly UK tour with his Edinburgh festival show and this year it is about his experiences growing up in a school where his dad was the headmaster!

I’ve only seen a couple of preview shows when he was putting it together in front of crowds of about five people but apparently it is even funnier and has got rave reviews from comedy critics, plenty of four-star and five-star ratings.

He is doing a couple of nights at the Leicester Square Theatre and I am happy to sell my own mother (fuck, even my own family!) to get my tar smelling hands on a ticket.

Actually Will left me a message on Facebook asking if I fancied going with him to one of the shows, I think I’ve been rude long enough, I’ll nip over to the site and reply. 🙂

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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