I Skilled Up Suat!

Training last night was awesome!

Not a lot of people turned up, I think about eight of us were there, so after a spot of passing (knock it out of the area or hit a cone and you have to do 30 press-ups) we got straight into a match.

I had a really good session. People were commenting during the match that it was like watching a different person. They were not watching a bumbling old-school defender who whacks the ball and the opposing player out of the stadium, but someone who was eager to receive the ball, was taking people on and was scoring some very nice goals.

Two players actually said to me after training that I was on form tonight. a third then said to me “OK! Who are you and what have you done with Deano!?”

Suat turned up, he used to play or us and is a good laugh. During the match I got the ball and skilled him up, he claim that he let me go past him – BOLLOCKS!

I went home feeling really high, but with a very sore stomach due to all the sit-ups that I did (I can’t do press-ups so Jayson let’s us decide what we do) because Nat kept hitting balls out of the square and hitting cones.

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

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