I Skilled Up Nathan Deane!

Training was enjoyable tonight. I was expecting a hard training session as I have become accustomed with on Saturday training sessions but Jayson decided that we were going to play football.

Half way through Jayson decided to do a thing where you pair up with someone and then you both take turns in standing in front of your partner and fall backwards so he can catch you.

I teamed up with Phillipe and although he was a little nervous I easily held him every time. But when it came to my turn I just could not do it, I was simply walking backwards into his arms which obviously got a lot of laughs from the other lads.

It was not that I did not trust him it is that I am a misanthropist which means I do not trust people in general, plus we used to do this a lot in PE at school and I always got dropped because they thought it was funny.

At the end we had a big game and I started pushing forward and looking for the ball and taking players on, this is something that I want to add to my game but have never had the belief to do it in matches. I also skilled up and skinned Nathan Deane!

I got the ball and I side-stepped him and went past him. Ok he did not try and chase me but that is not the point! I skilled him up, the first time in four seasons!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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