I Really Hate The Intrepid Fox

Friday I did something that I don’t normally do, I actually phoned Reiss. He was gob smacked that it was me on the other end of the phone and I’m sure he stood there in a pub staring at the screen in confusion as my name flashed up.

He told me he was in a bar in Holborn with the Bracegirdle clang (that’s Billy, John & Richard) and Vickie. I don’t need to be asked twice and shot over there on the bus. The bastards kept me waiting at St Pauls station for 20 minutes! Do you know how much drinking I could have done in that time!?

We ended up in The Intrepid Fox. I really am starting to dislike that place, every time I go there it seems that something happens that pisses me off. Plus the place is always baking hot and the toilets are a fucking disgrace.

I was talking to Reiss when Richard Bracegirdle came up and started to strangle me with the string from my hooded top. I don’t know him but he felt it was fine to stand next to me flash me a huge grin as he tried to tighten the strings even more around my neck.

Normally that is enough for me to kick off but Reiss was there and I didn’t want to kick off with someone who is a friend of his. So I just turned to Reiss and really loudly yelled “Who is this cunt?” Richard was still grinning and he said “Just ignore me”.

I was not happy about that and told this to Reiss on the way home. Reiss then said that Richard is OK and that to truly understand him you have to treat him like a god. That was probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

Reiss lost his wallet in the pub. I said I would go to the toilet and look for it, I did not see it and came back to be told he had been dragged outside by the doormen. I approached one of the doormen (lets call him Cunt Face) and said “Excuse me….”. I wanted to find out why Reiss had been ejected and was very polite.

Cunt Face looked over his shoulder at me and then tried to elbow me in the face. When this failed he tried to push me away. I was annoyed and said “Don’t fucking touch me!” I calmed myself down and tried again

Me: “That guy you just took outside is my friend.”

Cunt Face: “Yeah? I don’t care.”

Me: “I just wanted to know why he was taken outside.”

Cunt Face: “He threatened the barman. Now fuck off!”

Me: Oi! Don’t talk to me like that. I’m being polite by asking nicely and you’re being a jumped up little cunt!”

He then started ignoring me and talking to Reiss and took him back inside to look for his wallet.

Cunt Face: (To me) and you can stay out here.

I stood outside smoking a cigarette. The second doorman out of the blue just blurts out an apology to me on behalf of the other doorman. I probably shouldn’t have said it but I told him if the other guy mouths off to me anymore I’ll tear his tiny head off his shoulders.

Cunt Face comes back out after ten minutes.

Cunt Face: “You can go back inside now but don’t cause anymore trouble.”

Me: “Fuck you. I didn’t cause any trouble. You’re the one who tried to elbow me in the face and has an attitude because you have a job bossing people around.”

He didn’t say anything he just opened the door and I childishly barged into him as I went in and I barged into him when we left as well.

That really pissed me off and when Reiss said he wanted to leave I finished my drink and left with him. He told me on the way out that he found his wallet on the stairs to the toilet. I looked there and did not see it. He told me the notes were gone which means someone picked it up and after I looked, took the money and put the wallet on the stairs.

A couple of days later I found out that everyone in our little group had conspired against me! I don’t like having my photo taken so they all mucked in to make sure Vickie got a couple of pictures of me on her Canon camera. Although she says it was Billy, I know it was her!

I really hate The Intrepid Fox.

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