I Really Hate Belsize Park

I had a very productive day yesterday, I was up and dressed by 11am (which is a rarity) and got stuck into the big pile of articles that I have been putting off writing for a couple of weeks now.

I have periods like this where I will go for days without doing anything and then wake up one morning and feel like breezing through all the work. I had so much of it that I did not finish it all, but I did manage to get through more than half of it.

I even had a bash at writing a bit more to my book.

In the evening I went to Belsize Park to see a free comedy show. I had not heard of the acts before but I find that this can be half the fun at times, I was glad I went as I needed cheering up and three of acts certainly did that.

Fergus Craig, Danielle Ward (reminded me of the stuff Lee & Herring did in the 90s) and Jen Brister (did a great bit about having a dominant Spanish parent) were very good and are names to look out for in the next couple of years once they polish up their acts a little.

No sooner had I been put into a good mood it was ripped away from me.

Sometimes I really hate other people. Inconsiderate wankers who are put on this Earth for no other reason but to do things that piss me off. I’m sure of it!

I was walking back to the station when I suddenly became aware of gushing water that I almost waded through, it was coming from a phone box where a man was quite openly urinating, the smell of piss wafted up the street, chasing me like one of those irritating charity muggers they have in Oxford Street.

As the train pulled in I was happy to see that the carriage I was about to get onto was empty. Great, now I could relax. I don’t remember my next thought because the smell off sick smashed me in the face like walking into a brick wall. No wonder the carriage was empty!

I decided not to hold my breath and went into another carriage, this one was packed with drunk people singing and shouting. Luckily I had my Ipod with me and was able to half drown them out with music.

I hate people so much!

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