I Really Dislike The Police (Not The Band)

I made a huge mistake today, I decided to go to the old flat (just across the estate) and clean up a bit before handing the keys in on Monday. I say ‘huge mistake’ because as I put my key in the door I noticed that the frame around the bathroom window had been smashed and removed.

I contacted the council who told me that there was nothing they could do and that I should contact the police to report it and get myself a crime number to hand to the housing officer when I hand in the keys.

I hate the police so going to the local police station was not something I was going to enjoy. The lady behind the counter told me that I would have to wait at least an hour to speak to someone. I said I’d forget it but she took my number and a police officer phoned me as I was walking home and said she would meet me at the old flat.

She turned up with what I can only describe as a complete and utter cunt.

I showed them the window and the male officer accused me of doing the damage myself. I kept asking him what would I gain by damaging the window of a property that I had moved out of but he wasn’t interested and just kept looking at me with a look of disgust and contempt on his stupid face.

I’m, ashamed to say that I did lose my temper and ended up asking him to come outside so I could ‘sort him out’. The female officer had a bit more sense and told the twat to go and knock on the neighbours’ door to see if they had heard anything.

What would I gain from damaging a window of a property that I had left? All it would do is cost me hours in phone calls and dealing with the poxy police. If someone knows the answer to that then do please let me know.

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