I Ran Out Of Poo Bags

I ran out of poo bags this morning. I also ran out of carrier bags, so my only option was to take a black refuse bag with me. You should have seen Roxy’s face when she finished and saw me pull out the largest poo bag she has ever seen in her life!

Tonight I was thrown in at the deep end at work. I turned up and James gave me the keys and said tonight I would be on my own, he would be on hand if I needed help, but he wanted me to try it on my own as I had to do it by myself for the rest of the week and the remaining seven weeks after that.

I did fine, when it came to turning the lights out and locking the outside doors and setting the alarms he was with me to make sure I didn’t miss anything, which I did. We finished 15 minutes after we were supposed to and he said considering that was my first time almost on my own he thought it was a pretty decent time.

I was sitting on the train going home and started to scroll through Twitter, there is a section on it called ‘Explore’ which shows you a selection of Tweets based on things you might be interested in, these are based on what you have tweeted about.

I don’t believe I have ever tweeted about ‘Dartmouth College’, ‘fishing’, ‘rugby union’, ‘AFC Bournemouth’, ‘Moise Kean’, ‘West Ham United Stats’, ‘Everton Stats’ or ‘Billie Eilish’.

Which leaves me wondering what kind of algorithm do they use that means they suggest topics to me that I have never mentioned before? ‘Running’, ‘Track & field’, ‘Millwall’ and ‘Football Manager’ I can understand, but ‘West Ham United Stats’!?

Image by LUM3N from Pixabay

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