I Might Have To Change My Number Again

I think I might have to change my phone number again. For some reason some people are either not getting my text messages or are receiving them hours after I’ve sent them.

I sent Thes a text recently and it didn’t go through until around midnight when she was tucked up in bed asleep. She was annoyed but saw what time I sent it so sort of forgave me for waking her from her pleasant slumber.

I sent Reiss three texts within that same time period and he has received none of them.

When I text other people the same is happening there. They are either not getting the texts or they are going through about five hours later. Is this a typical problem with Orange? I never had this problem with T-Mobile.

At work the boss (Mark) wanted to talk to us all to congratulate us on the fantastic work we have been doing, afterwards he asked to speak to me on my own in his office. When your boss asks to speak to you on your own for ‘a quick chat’ in his office it normally means something has happened.

Within the 30 seconds it took for us to go into his office I had already come to the conclusion I was about to be sacked and I was all set to have a blazing row and storm out in dramatic fashion.

It turns out it was my three month valuation. This is when after being employed for three months the boss sits you down and tells you how he thinks you are doing so far.

He then spent the next five minutes gushing about how great I was doing, and how he had no complaints, while I sat there feeling incredibly relieved that I still had a job. I was feeling on a bit of a high after that, I was even enjoying the three hours of scrubbing marks on walls.

When I got home I received an email from an employment agency who wanted me to work for them. It’s nice when someone approaches you instead of you having to chase them. if I can do this job and keep my current one I’d be a happy (but probably very tired) bunny.

I need to do something to get a bit more money as my dad has told me he wants me out as soon as possible. I’ve done nothing wrong, he is simply annoyed that he can’t treat me like a child and that I’m going out and doing things (like playing football) without his permission.

I’m not sure if I wrote about the time last year when he actually tried to ground me. I laughed so hard in his face that I pulled a muscle in my stomach.

I think it would be a good thing, that way he won’t be able to blame anyone when he lives in his own filth and waste.

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