I Met Richard Herring’s Clone

Since I was in such a good mood I decided to go to the pub, they had Sky Sports on so I could listen to the highlights of the Millwall/Crewe game while I supped my beer as the barmaid kept wiping my table (I clumsily slopped beer on the table) and the barman stood with his arms folded and a look on his face like “I’m the fucking Governor!”

I only stayed for a couple of hours as I was texting Thes (winding her up about not going out this weekend 😀 ) and my battery died, serves me right for teasing her I guess. I wanted to watch the England game so popped home for 30 minutes to charge my phone and then went to The Victory.

I like The Victory, it is a tiny pub tucked away down a back street and is almost always quiet. It is frequented by seasoned drinkers from the estate and the arty types who rent the studios around the corner.

I always go there if I’m watching England as there are only a handful of people in and you can get a seat.

Three guys sat alongside me at the bar, one of them looked the spitting image of Richard Herring and even sounded like him. In fact he looked so much like him I was almost convinced it was him but then I thought what the hell would Richard Herring be doing drinking in a tiny pub tucked away down a back street in Bethnal Green?

I actually bumped into him twice in the loo and the second time he quipped “we should stop meeting like this!”, I laughed and quickly left the toilet before he quipped again!

After the match I decided to have a couple more and catch a bit of the Irish game. I had a bit of a chat with Richard Herring’s clone and his mates while they were playing pool. I left at half time in a very good mood.

Until I got home.

My dad was angry and resentful that I had gone out for a couple of hours to watch the football. He seems to forget that I’m not 9 anymore. I used to have to turn my phone off when I went out because he would be phoning me and demanding to know what time I’m coming home.

I got so angry that I stormed downstairs and took the dog for a long walk, I forgot to take my glasses off and as I came out of the block I kicked the entry door open and my glasses fell off and smashed on the floor so I now have to find £60 from somewhere to buy a new pair. 🙁

Not the best end to a day.

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