I Love My Family

My brother walked out of work yesterday, our mum is ill and was taken to hospital but to be honest he would have walked out of the job if she was at home with a slight case of the sniffles. Anything to get him out of work.

I got home and found that my flat was absolutely spotless, at first I thought I had been burgled and that the burglars had taken pity on me and cleaned my flat for me. but it turns out that my sister Charlene had come up and done it.

I received a call from Charlene telling me that not only would she be round in this morning (Thursday) to wash my curtains but that I had to take the day off work to look after our dad when he comes home from the hospital.

Why me? My brother is sitting in Reading picking his arse, my two sisters both live 4 minutes walk away and watch telly all day long. Why is it me that has to take a day off work and sit at home and make sure he does not try climbing ladders or break-dancing?

This might sound selfish but taking the day off work today will cost me about £130.00 in wages. (£50.00 for the day plus I won’t hit my targets this month so I’ll lose about £80.00 in bonuses) My sister Charlene gets paid for looking after him!

I thought I had two days holiday left but my boss got her figures wrong and it turns out I have none left. And what about tomorrow? Will I have to take a second day off? Which would mean losing a combined total of almost £200.00!

Since he is coming home in the afternoon I thought it might be an option for me to do half day, but that was knocked on the head when I was phoned by my sister Katrina. She was meant to come to my house to pick up his wheelchair to take up to the hospital, she was pretending to be ill so now I have to take the wheelchair up to him and come back and wait in the flat for him.

I love my family.

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