I Lost My Cash Card

I have been waiting for my new cash card to come through the post. I lost my old one on New Year’s Eve in the pub. I was more upset over losing the jumper it was in than the actual card itself. It was a nice warm jumper.

I phoned up my bank and got them to cancel my card and send me a replacement one. I was assured that it would take only about 2-4 working days to arrive …. and I bloody believed them!

Saturday morning rolls around and I get a card put through my letterbox. It was one of those “while you were out” cards. Which means that the postman could not be bothered to bring my letter with him so I would now have to wait until Monday morning to go and pick up my new card.

I clocked the date on the card, it said the 5th of January, but Saturday was the 6th of January. Either this postman is a bloody moron or he forgot to put the card through the day before. Either way he did not do his job properly and I made a complaint to Royal Mail.

Monday morning comes around and I went along to the sorting office to find that it was closed. The shutters were down and there was no notice explaining why it was closed.

I checked the time on my card and it clearly states that the office is open until 1pm, the time was 11am. Either these morons can not tell the time, and went home early, or they have one hell of a lunch hour.

I tried phoning the telephone number listed on the card but got a recording saying the office was closed, this was at 11:30. So I am now having to wait til Tuesday morning,

I will turn up at 7am and make another formal complaint, I got one postman sacked I don’t mind having another lose his job.

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