I Knew It Wouldn’t Last

Football on Sunday could have gone a lot better. We are trying to get sorted for our first friendly on July 4th so we divided the players into two teams and basically had our A team go up against our B team. The first team played so shit that the second string team demolished us 8-1.

I say “us” I gave up after 30 minutes, walked off the pitch and spent the rest of the game laughing at how shit my team were performing. Nobody was defending, nobody was marking up, nobody was passing the ball to anyone.

It was a complete shambles!

This morning I was woken up by Uptown Appointment, the agency I got my job through. Nicola (the women who deals with me) said that the school were still waiting for me to provide a passport or a driving license so that they could process my CRB check.

I don’t have either, I have ordered them and am awaiting them to be sent to me. She told this to the school who replied by saying if I did not provide them by tomorrow then the contract that I was offered (and signed) last month will be terminated with immediate effect.

Considering I only sent the application forms off Friday morning I think it is almost impossible that either of the two will arrive today or tomorrow. So as of 7:30pm Friday I shall be out of a job and shall be queuing up at the jobcentre Monday morning.

It is a shame because I really enjoyed working there. The cleaning staff were very friendly (and very cheeky) and the school isn’t too dirty. I understand that being a school they do need to make sure I’m suitable to be working around children but I got the impression they were going to hold on until I got the passport and driving license through.

The thing that really sticks in my throat is the amount of times they have told me what a great job I’m doing and how lucky they have been to find an agency cleaner who does their job really well. Well if I’m doing such a great job why not hold on for a couple of week until the passport and driving license comes through?

Why get rid of a cleaner who is doing a great job and then replace him with someone who probably won’t put in half as much effort cleaning as me?

I intend to go in today and tomorrow, I’m not going to give the company the satisfaction of denying me two days pay. I just hope they don’t mess me about on Tuesday when they pay me.

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