I Knew It Would Happen

My sister is getting rid of her dog, her claim is that the dog is frightening the children but that is just not true. The real reason is because she has become bored of the dog and the novelty of owning her has worn off now she has to walk her numerous times a day. She can barely be bothered to look after her own children never mind a dog!

I went up to her house today to collect some money she owes my dad and she said I could have Tia’s old dog bed which she never used. I brought it home and Roxy is scared of it but I placed some treats under the blanket and she is now happily digging around looking for the treats.

As I type this she is now barking at me because there are no more treats in the bed, she is now throwing a strop and has probably gone to lie on my dad’s bed to sulk.

I had to take Roxy to the vet today for her second injection. Wayne had an interview to go to so they picked me up in the car but could not wait with me or drop me back so after the injection we had a nice long walk home from West Ham via Stratford and Bow. I think I knackered her out.

Image by Péter Göblyös from Pixabay

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