I Have A New(ish) Laptop

I went out and got myself a laptop today. I had been saving a little bit of money from my writing gigs and leaving it in my PayPal account, I spend a lot of time away from my desktop computer so getting a laptop makes a lot of sense to me.

It means that I can take my laptop with me when I go on coach journeys to Manchester, those ten hour round trips won’t be so boring now that I will be able to spend the time writing articles, watching DVDs and listening to music.

It isn’t a brand new one. It is a used one that is twice as powerful as my desktop computer, and I had souped up my desktop computer quite a bit while I was using it. But it will do while I am saving up again for a top of the range one.

The only downside to it is that the battery life is about 20 minutes, so I have to keep the charger nearby. I’ll give it to my dad when I get my top of the range one. What a good son I am. 🙂

Photo by Paul Pasieczny from FreeImages

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