I Have A Job!

I feel that I must apologise for not writing any blog entries for the past couple of days but I have been struggling with the thought of having a job for the first time in over a decade.

My first day actually went better than I expected. It was mainly training and each new person was assigned an experienced researcher to learn from and to show how to use the database and how to research and input data.

The guy who I had training me was called Lewis and he looked like a skinny version of Harvey Denton from League Of Gentlemen, if he ever asks me to go to his house I’ll run a fucking mile!

The job seems simple in premise: you are given a list (the lists are divided into four difficulty levels) and you must find certain people at a company (it depends what department you are in: technology, finance, etc) and phone them to make sure the database has their up-to-date information.

The people in the office are nice enough. I have a woman sitting opposite me who offers food to people and takes great offense if you decline, a man next to me who I worrying love the way he says the word ‘English’ and there are now three women in the office with the biggest arses I have ever seen!

The downside though is that the train to and from work is always packed to the brim, I once had to wait for the 10th train before I could squeeze on, a record I broke only the other day when I had to wait for the 11th train! THAT IS FUCKING STUPID!

It is going well!

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