I Hate The Buses In London!

I agreed to meet up with Reiss and Adrian at a pub off Tottenham Court Road called The Ben Crouch (or as we used to call it: The Gothic Pub). To get there I had to get a number 55 bus to Tottenham Court Road train station where Reiss had arranged to meet me.

This should have been easy.

I started to get a little confused as we saw signs for Waterloo, there was about half a dozen of us wanting to get off at Tottenham Court Road and when we asked the driver he cheerfully told us that the 55 bus was not stopping at Tottenham Court Road for some reason.

So we all had to get off the bus and after looking at a bus route I saw that a 14 went to Tottenham Court Road. I then had to spend 20 minutes trying to find a road that went the other way, I found five – all going in the wrong direction!

Eventually after almost getting run over, because nobody was paying attention to the traffic lights (when the green man is showing it means the cars must stop!), I managed to board a number 14 that I hoped was going in the right way. I had the fright of my life when I was sitting on the bus and a grinning Reiss came rushing up to the window!

I put my foot in it when I jokingly said “your mum” to Adrian and it turned out that Adrian’s mum is suffering from some form of cancer. I really felt bad and apologised to him twice.

We ended up at another pub (the name escapes me at the moment) in Old Street that was run by some chubby woman and her monster of a boyfriend (I say monster as the young kids of today use the term).

It was an OK night, Adrian was actually behaving himself!

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