I hate Religion

I took my puppy down for her first walk of the day, next to the piece of grass are some houses that are fenced off from the piece of grass by a big wooden fence but at the front there is a small piece of metal railing that separates the piece of grass from the front of a house.

She enjoys putting her front paws onto the wall and looking through these metal railings at passing people.

Today she did it and there happened to be a young Asian lad in the front garden who screamed the place down and ran for his life. His mother came over to hit my puppy with a metal shovel but then saw me and decided to shout at me in her language instead.

I do not normally swear at women but I told her to fuck off and her husband then came into view. Now I don’t hit women but I will hit your boyfriend/husband. I told him in very blunt English that if his wife hit my dog I’d jump the fence and kick his head in.

I stayed on the grass and about 2 minutes later the kid was back in the garden playing with some pigeons.

This is what I do not understand. Asian people are scared shitless of dogs but it is OK to play with filthy disease-ridden birds who carry more diseases than any other animal, including the rat?!

The Asian people on my estate throw out this disgusting foul-smelling stuff that the pigeons feed on, they throw it on the patches of grass that are there for dog owners and after a couple of hours it turns to this horrid sludge.

We have a Muslim at our football club and he said some bullshit to me about having to wash himself seven times every time a dog touches him.

Oh how I laugh in the face of people who follow religion. If you believe in such fiction as religion then maybe you will believe in the story of Peter Pan Or even Harry Potter?

Image by Ilona Krijgsman from Pixabay

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