I Hate London Transport!

On Saturday I was meant to go to football training. I got to Bethnal Green station to find out that half the Central line was once again closed for “urgent Engineering Works”, but there was no work because the workers do not work on the line (this part of the line is not underground) when it is pissing down with rain.

This meant that I had to get off at marble Arch and then fight my way to the bus stop and wait 30 minutes to get onto a packed number 7 bus to East Acton, a journey that took me around an hour.

I had to get that bus because the replacement bus service does not start at Marble Arch, It starts about six stops along. I got the replacement bus service at East Acton.

The thing is they do not put up signs to tell you where the bus is going, apparently the replacement bus service covered four different routes today and if you ask the driver he just shouts at you to sit back down and not disturb him.

I ended up in Ealing Broadway, it had now gone 3pm (training start time) and I’m about an hour away. I’m standing in the pissing rain with about 70 other people waiting for one fucking bus that took 40 minutes to arrive and then REFUSED TO TAKE ANYONE BECAUSE THE DRIVER WANTED A CUP OF FUCKING TEA!!

At about 3:40pm I sent Jayson a text saying that I was not coming and ended up walking most of the way home in the pouring rain, and I never saw one fucking bus until I got to a train station that was working.

I hate London Transport, their service is shit yet they still bloody insist on putting the prices up twice a fucking year!

Photo by tijmen van dobbenburgh from FreeImages

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