I Got My Serj Tankian Ticket!

Well it is official, this morning I got my ticket to see Serj Tankian at The Forum on September 3rd. Now that I have the ticket in my hand (or more precisely stuck on my fridge with a magnet) it means I’m definitely going to the show.

I also received some more DVDs that I had been waiting for. It was quite amusing watching as the postman put DVD after DVD through my letter box like some kind of door-shaped fruit machine that was paying out a jackpot of DVDs instead of money.

I received Bottom series 1, 2 & 3. I had them before (well they belonged to my brother but it means the same thing) but I lent them to Reiss and although he still has them he scratched them to pieces so they are useless now.

I also received four more A Touch Of Frost episodes.

I am a big fan of A Touch Of Frost (the awesome ITV show featuring David Jason as DCI Jack Frost), recently a company called Deagostini offered the complete collection week by week with one show on one DVD. I was lucky enough to be given some of these DVDs for free and I have now got almost 15 of them.

They are not in order of the series, I’m not sure why Deagostini would released them in a random order like this. It is becoming quite an obsession of mine to get hold of them.

I have promised myself not to buy anymore DVDs for a couple of weeks, I will not allow myself to check out Ebay either because that is where I get most of them from.

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