I Got My Money Back!

I was not sure if I was going to go to the big racism festival in Vicky Park that would be held this afternoon. When I awoke this morning I had the worst hangover in the world ever. My gay immune system means I suffer more than most with these types of things.

Obviously I have no recollection of getting home or going to bed so I did not do my little ritual that stops me getting these hangovers. All I could manage was drink lots of water and lay on my bed moaning and groaning until the feeling went away.

By the time the festival started I was feeling a lot better so I ventured over to see what all the fuss was about.

All in all it was an OK event. There was a bit too much grime and MC music for my liking but that is what the youth of today enjoy and that is who the festival is mainly aimed at. The first festival had rockers like The Clash playing.

The festival has three stages with each one playing a different type of music. The best band of the day had to be The View, they were actually pretty good. I am a fan of their Same Jeans song and were glad that they sung it.

I got an email yesterday from PayPal stating that the money that was illegally taken from my account a couple of days earlier had been returned to me in full. So I am now happy my money has been returned to me. I will not be letting the money sit in the PayPal account anymore.

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