I Finally Got My Computer Back Online

My computer was hacked recently because the internet radio station that I run, Tapp Out Radio, is becoming quite a popular little music station and another/some similar station owner(s) is/are obviously becoming incredibly jealous of the fast success the station has received and decided to undertake some dirty tactics to take me down.

It took a lot of screaming and shouting but I finally managed to get it fixed but then my modem decided that this would be the perfect time to have a heart attack and die on me. I am having to go back to the very slow dial-up modems that we used to think were super fast back in the early 90s.

I’ll tell you something, you certainly do miss broadband when you are forced to use dial-up.

To take my mind off the hacking attack I went out for drinks with Reiss and his girlfriend, this would be the last time seeing them as they were flying off to Ireland today for a month. I’m making an effort with Jen (his girlfriend), normally when I meet Reiss’ girlfriends (or anyone actually) I will be my normal quiet self and this is normally taken as me being ignorant and rude.

But she is actually a nice girl and we seem to get on well, which is good because Reiss is one of my dearest friends and the last thing he wants is me and his girlfriend hating on eachother. I am worried that my women-scaring gift is not working on her though, have I lost this gift forever?

We also met up with Adrian & Fox, I have not seen these two in over six months and it was really great to hang out with them again. Sadly The night almost ended badly when Adrian, for no apparent reason, grabbed me by the throat and tried to crush my wind pipe. Reiss had to come over and drag him away because I was about to take him outside for a meeting with the pavement and my fists.

He can be such a cock at times. We were just standing there, talking about general shit, and then he just lunged forward, grabbed me by the throat and started squeezing as hard as he could and grinning at me. He does this sort of thing regularly, he will grab and grope people and then grin at them like a fool.

We also met up with some guy called Billy and his girlfriend, who for some reason kept staring at me every couple of minutes. That is two women in one night that have managed to avoid my women-scaring gift, now I am really starting to worry that I lost my touch.

Me, Adrian, Reiss and Jen were on the train that would take us to a local pub that we used to drink in quite often when this guy sitting next to me was trying to hit on Jen by putting his arm behind me and stroking her.

I grabbed his arm, moved it away and then stared at him until he sunk into his chair and pretended to be asleep. Reiss started gushing about how this is why he loves me, I thought he was going to try and kiss me for a minute!

Adrian fell asleep in the pub with his mouth opening and shutting like a fish gasping for breath out of water. I was all in favour of leaving him there but we decided to put him on a bus.

I’ve been invited to go to Ireland and spend a weekend with Reiss and Jen but I’m not sure if that will be an option as I have not got a passport. I am ordering one on Monday but I am not sure if it will come in time.

I could pay £70 and get the passport done in a week but that is money I don’t really have as I am still out of work.

Oh well, we are going to have a bloody good piss up when they come back anyway.

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