I Finally Cleaned my Boots

I have decided to attack the garden. It has been neglected for the past year and is starting to look a lot like a junkyard that has been overgrown with weeds and rubbish chucked from the windows of flats above us.

I headed to to the shops and came home with two bags of compost, some gloves, two reels of wooden border, a bottle of weed killer, and a stupid gnome that broke at some point along the journey home. I seriously misjudged how much compost and border I would need and will probably need to make a daily journey for the next week or so to get enough.

I cleared up the patch of earth that runs along the left fence, the patch in front of the shed, the patio part of the garden and I then mowed the lawn. I only have two small paving areas and a patch of earth along the right fence to do and then I can start work on the plant pots that are littering the garden.

Not bad for day one.

I then decided to do something a bit mad. I cleaned my football boots!

I never clean my boots, the best I’ll do is bang them together at the end of a game to get some excess mud off and then they will go into a bag ready for the next game. But today I had this overwhelming urge to clean my boots. And I have to admit that I did a very good job of them, you would think I had read How to polish shoes, shoe care guide at The Hanger Project or something by how professionally I did the job.

Will I be willing to do them again after Saturday and Sunday?

Photo by Ann- Kathrin Rehse from FreeImages

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