I Dream Of An Ex

I was having a dream last night (or early this morning if you wish to be pedantic) it involved me and an ex-girlfriend. It wasn’t a dirty dream it was very nice and I woke up feeling warm and fuzzy, but then I realised it was just a dream so I got out of bed with the roaring hump.

It is weird how someone who you dated for only a couple of months can still hold a piece of you even though you stopped being a couple of years ago and haven’t even spoken to them in several months.

I’m trying to get rid of this sour mood because I have a lot of work to get finished today and when I’m in a bad mood I have a tendency to go back to bed and mope for most of the day.

When I finally did drag myself out of bed I had a quick chat with someone and we had a nice talk about why we put ourselves through relationships when there is a huge risk of being kicked in the bollocks/fanny, she is a total optimist and said to me that there is ALWAYS a way of turning a negative into a positive.

I don’t think she said anything that will change my outlook on life, but it was nice being able to talk to someone who doesn’t allow herself to have any bad thoughts linger in her brain for too long. Most of the women I encounter on my Facebook list are all “KILL MEN THEY ARE THE ROOT OF ALL FUCKING EVIL!” so as I said it made a nice change.

Maybe it wouldn’t have affected me in that way if I was taking my antidepressant medication on a regular basis, but my lovely doctors at my surgery refuse to put me back on them because I try not to rely 100% on the pills.

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