I Cracked My Tooth

Last night I cracked one of my back teeth whilst munching on a chrisp!

It does not hurt unless I eat on that site of my mouth so obviously I am going to have to go and see a dentist. Now this would be no big problem to most people but for it there are a couple of exceptions:

1) I have been petrified of dentists since the time I had a tooth out when I was five and almost died in the chair.

2) I live in Tower Hamlets and it is almost impossible to get a dentist to take you on its books, especially when you are on benefits.

I checked out the NHS Direct website who boast about having an up-to-date list of dentists currently accepting NHS patients in my local area, all you have to do is type in your Post Code and bingo you get a list of them!

The first five that I have called have stopped taking NHS patients, so obviously this website is not as up-to-date as it proudly claims.

Photo by Pierre Drap from FreeImages

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