I Can’t Be Bothered With A Title

Yesterday contemplated doing what I did last Saturday by staying in bed until about 7pm but decided to get up and clean my room. It needed doing, I ended up going mad and taking the furniture out of the room and giving the place a really good tidy.

I received a text from Thes asking if I fancied meeting up with her and some of her friends in The Mucky Pup so off I went charging up to Angel only to find she was going to get there an hour later than she originally told me.

It was cool though, I sat at the bar and spoke to Angus until Jay came up and said hello to me. I met Jay last weekend and to be honest I did not get on too well with him. He kept glaring at me. But today he came over and put his hand out for me to shake and was actually OK so maybe it was a one time thing.

The Greek Woman finally graced us with her presence at about 10pm and we were joined by Neil (who I had met already), Becky (who was rather quiet and absolutely petrified of me, I still have the gift!), some guy whose name I can’t remember but he had a very loud & infectious laugh and someone called Andrew who seemed to spend most of the evening glaring at me or giving me filthy looks when I went outside or to the loo.

On the bus back I suddenly got the hump (Who? Me?), to cheer myself up I put some Portishead on my Ipod. two people were waiting to get off the bus and they were listening to music and head banging so for some reason I did what nobody could have thought possible, I slowly head banged to Glory Box!

Obviously the music on my Ipod was rather loud because I noticed two men and a woman sitting at across from me. The woman was looking at me and suddenly said “Erm, are you head banging to Portishead?!” In a rather proud yet shy tone I replied that indeed I was.

There was a drunken squeal as she leapt from her seat onto the one next to me and picked up the other ear piece to listen. This did not sit well with her boyfriend who got out of his seat and started shouting at me and calling me some rather choice names for apparently trying it on with his girlfriend. I had done nothing, I was simply sitting there one ear piece dangling down and she came over, picked it up and plonked it into her ear without asking.

After about 30 seconds of this unwarranted ear bashing I was out of my seat and ready to ruck, I have been trying to control myself lately but I was in a mood and thought ‘fuck it’. Luckily his mate saw sense and dragged him off the bus and his embarrassed girlfriend followed.

Sometimes I really fucking hate other people.

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