I Am So Out Of Shape!

Days Without Alcohol: 37

Today Bethnal Green Celtic (also known as The Bee Gee’s) had their first official training session. Last night I had some people trying to wish me luck (thank you Thes, Martin, Jayson, Alan, etc) as I was convinced that it would be a failure and that nobody would turn up.

Thankfully it started out OK. There were nine people there and for about an hour we had a really good session of kicking a ball about and then having a five-a-side match. Then Reiss decided to turn up.

Reiss had told me the night before that he was not coming as he wanted to watch the match between Arsenal & Tottenham. To be honest I had a feeling he would not be coming so did not put his name down.

He stayed for about five minutes and then the next thing I know he is walking out of the park with four of the guys. I understood that he had not seen Baran in a long time but he could have waited until after training to drag him and his crew off to the pub.

I tried to get Reiss involved in the team as I thought he might enjoy playing football but all he did was take the piss out of me (which seems to be a growing trend for him lately) so I think I’ll just keep my mouth shut the next time I do something.

Until then though I felt that it was a good session, I was clearly out of shape but I still managed to score two goals (one of them I was being marked by Reiss and I still managed to beat him to the ball!). Wayne thought he was funny by shouting at the other team “Dean scored against you, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves!” The unfunny fatty!

Although it ended badly I think we can move on form this, next week I intend to do some proper training and I am already jotting down ideas on what to do. Nothing too hard just to give us a bit of a work out and to prove to the new guys that we want to do this.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

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