I have written a number of how-to articles for the Build Your Blog blog over the past couple of years which have proved very popular with the thousands of readers who flock there every month.

Here are a selection of them:

– Create A Free Newsletter With WordPress
– Adding Your Own Logo To The WordPress Login Page

– Adding Google Search Results To Your Blog
– Logging Into WordPress With OpenID
– How To Disable The Annoying Post Revision Option
– How To Increase Your Retweets
– How To Remove The 3.1 Admin Bar
– How To Block A Commenter From Dropping Dodgy Links
– How To Change Your WordPress Default Username
– Display Facebook Page Text Count On Your Blog

I have also written a selection of articles for InfoBarrel, a prestigious article site. Here are a small selection of articles:

– How to Change the New Mail Sound in Outlook, Windows Mail and Outlook Express
– How To Generate More Traffic For Your Website