How I Thought About Starting A Business Selling Used Wooden Pallets

Have you ever noticed the amount of wooden pallets that are left discarded around your city or town on a daily basis?

These cumbersome objects are normally left over from a large delivery (acting as the base) and because people find them so big and heavy they simply dump them somewhere in the hope that someone else will remove it for them.

I discovered that there is actually a market for recycling these things.

This is where an idea came to me a couple of years ago.

The idea was to start a business going round and picking up unwanted wooden pallets and then offering them to a company who actually pays me for each one I deliver. That might sound hard to believe, but you can earn anything from £3.00 to £15.00 per pallet depending on the size and condition of them.

Imagine how much money I could make simply driving around all day picking up unwanted pallets that had been dumped. I would also seek out companies who have unwanted pallets – and I might even make more money with these ones as they would almost certainly be kept dry in a shed or maybe even under pallet cover bags.

That’s right, there are companies (International Plastics being just one of them) who sell pallet covers, and some of them even sell reusable pallet covers.

Each pallet I take would be worth money (I’d refuse to take rotten or broken ones).

So why did I not jump straight into this obviously lucrative business? For this kind of business I would need to purchase a van to pick up and deliver the pallets, and I can not drive.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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